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Walking Stick





3 Days of Light Gathering

Asheville , NC

September 2014

Reiki Attunements!

    This month I have decided to  jump start my journey to being a healer with Selomon from @ Project Bring me to Life. We took our Reiki 1 class and received our certificates and first attunements on Sept 16th. We are making our way through our 21 day journey of enlightenment and conquering our fears, welcoming our strengths, and comforting each other while working hard at both of our projects.

     I am excited to say that this journey has indeed manifested a HUGE creative spark in me and I have been working hard at some not only new products and projects but many new illustrations for my coloring books I am determined to create by the end of the year.

I would like to thank any and all of you that take time to check out my page and hope that there is always something that you are interested in checking out. I  will be updating more and adding more items to the shop soon but bare with me as my life is taking some interesting changes  emotionally , physically, mentally, and creatively.If you are looking for more information about spiritually awakening topics PLEASE check out Project Bring me to Life where I am also now an Editor and will be writing on topics to help inform society about much needed information such as Reiki, chakras, sacred geometry, and so much more. So many things are happening! Thank you for being a part of my world. <3


Check it out!



Holistic Healing Event

Mezzos - Cumberland MD

* More Info Coming Soon *

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Working Together:   ShineTime with PBM2L

After going through some major changes around the ShineTime Studios I am glad to be working on many new projects, as well as with many new awesome people. One being Christopher Selomon Closson. Who besides just being a huge part of ShineTime has asked me to help be a part of a beautiful thing called Project Bring me 2 Life.

PBM2L is dedicated to co-creating Heaven on Earth through art, literature, music and other multimedia platforms.



To Re-Awaken the world we live in to our spiritual purpose through Art, Music and Literature.





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September 9th!  Catch me LIVE!

I will be featured on the podcast Project Bring me to Live by Selomon at 8:00 P.M. EST. PBM2L is a live podcast every Tuesday evening featureing artists musicians and more. I am excited to be a part of this amazing project as well as looking forward to talking about what I do with ShineTime as well as Karma King Mafia!

Appalachian Jamwhich  Crafty Time
I have been looking forward to being a part of Appalachian Jamwhich for quite sometime and finally a dream has come true! They asked me on my BIRTHDAY to do an interview for the handmade section and I am beyond pumped to be shining bright in the pages of such an awesome magazine and part of the festival community.