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August 2014
Rockin' New Items

Rockin' these awesome new Balance bracelets. Created with Love and positive energy by Christopher Selomon Closson ( PBM2L ) . Fully Charged under the SuperMoon of this past weekend. Ready for your energy balancing and wearing pleasures.

Feel free to comment or message me or the Shantastic Shine Sales page with any questions or special requests. Also available for purchase via Etsy.
Custom sizes colors, combinations and styles can also be made.
These are made at a basic size with unisex in mind. However more feminine or masculine ones could be created upon request. Charms and other materials also available.

Generally sold at $15.00 (+Shipping if needed)

Orders of 2 or more can be combined shipping and possible discounts depending on stone choices
love and light in your life.
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Psypahri - Iowa





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Working Together:   ShineTime with PBM2L

After going through some major changes around the ShineTime Studios I am glad to be working on many new projects, as well as with many new awesome people. One being Christopher Selomon Closson. Who besides just being a huge part of ShineTime has asked me to help be a part of a beautiful thing called Project Bring me 2 Life.

PBM2L is dedicated to co-creating Heaven on Earth through art, literature, music and other multimedia platforms.



To Re-Awaken the world we live in to our spiritual purpose through Art, Music and Literature.

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August 23th Weekend  Psyphari

I am excited to hopefully be a part of joining the Intergalactic Art Movement crew attending Psyphari in Iowa

August 29th Weekend  Moe.Down
Karma King Krew is volunteering for this Event. Come Find Us