The 52 week challenge is coming!


Hey there everyone! I know it may be early to say, but I am over here getting REALLY excited for 2019! I have some super exciting projects coming and one is going to last ALL YEAR and I'm so honored to have the help of Selomon, Project Bring Me 2 Life, Breanna of Golden Gian Adventure, Ashton of Spaceship Earth and hopefully ALL OF YOU to pull it off! 

My biggest project of all is coming... and I need you to help keep me accountable. How can you do so? By participating! It's going to be totally free and help not only Light Up Your Life but also Bring You 2 Life
I have to admit that as transformational as 2018 has been it's also kicked my ass. (Excuse my language, but literally it was the toughest year yet for me in as many ways as it was magical and beautiful and all that.) So I've decided that 2019 is going to be full of SELF LOVE!  A year of making myself (and hopefully all of you) even better than before!  
I have been thinking hard on how to really be Transformational. Aside from doing my monthly and daily routines I realized there's much more to it.  

It's so easy to get off track. To loose sight of the light and what it means to be alive even through all the lightworking.  
That being said I also enjoy a good challenge. Especially one to make the world a better place. So I put together a 52 week challenge with Project Bring Me 2 Life to not only Light Up Your Life but also BRING YOU TO LIFE! Yep, one whole year of Self Love Tasks and inspirational journaling prompts and beyond to help make myself and the world around me a better place!  
I started brainstorming the idea a few months ago when I was sick and needed a reminder of my self worth. At that time I wrote down to look more into Self Love meditations and techniques. The next day there was a promo for a 7 day self love challenge that I instantly joined and made a ton of new friends. That 7 days changed my life. I was able to see things in a whole new light. I haven't looked back, and it hit me that if one week could be so transformational, imagine a WHOLE YEAR of it.  
Not only that... but a whole year of doing it WITH ALL OF YOU!  Not only will it help keep me accountable but, maybe, just maybe, it would inspire even one other person to not only LOVE THEMSELVES but be the best you that you can be! 
Each Month will have a theme and each week will have something new to help bring you to life, and each week will feature a challenge, a writing prompt, a meditation, and live check in’s and new conscious content to help inspire you and keep you on track!
So, on December 30th, it all begins! We're gonna start on a Self Love Sunday to get ya all ready for that new year early! Every Sunday I plan to post you a Self Love Challenge. Something to help you be a better you. Sometimes the tasks may be simple, others you may need to push yourself, expand your boundaries, and raise your energy.  
Here’s a peak at the format we will be using!

Each Monday, with the help of Selomon, we will have a Meditation to align with your task for the week. A little something to help you stay grounded and focused.  
On Transformation Tuesday expect a Live or New Video with Shannon Shine to check in and discuss the weeks challenge. Feel free to hop in the chat and interact. Let us know how your challenge is coming or what can be done to help you accomplish it easier?  
On Write it down Wednesday it's time to get your journals out! We will be sharing a journal prompt to help you dive even deeper into the challenge.  It may involve writing, drawing, or even creating a vision board/page to help you manifest things into your reality. Whatever you prefer we just hope that it helps inspire you to journal in some way.  
Thursday's we hope to have live interviews or shows to also go along with our challenge topics. These will be hosted through the Bring Me 2 Life podcast and guests will vary on expertise through a variety of amazing topics we have in store for you! 
Friday's are for flashbacks and we will be sharing inspirational content for you to check out from previous projects, podcasts, or people we've connected with that are doing inspirational things! 
and finally on Saturday's you will want to tune in as we rotate between new and full moon LIVE Card Readings and Solar Flare updates.  
As you can tell, we've been in hardcore planning mode. We are SO excited to share all this awakening content with you and hope to bring you consistent content and community to connect with.  
Now what we need from you is INTERACTION.  Help us grow by leaving a comment on your favorite challenges, interviews, meditation, and more! Tag a friend who may benefit us from joining this journey as well.  
Share something on your news feed so that others know you care. Though this challenge started out for me, it's really for all of you too! 
Now we have just a bit of time left before the new year, and time is flying by! If you are interested in joining our challenge and you don't want to miss any of it  SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER TODAY!!! 
(Can't figure out how? That's okay send me your e-mail and I will get it sent out your way!) 

It’s also super important to hop on over to FACEBOOK and follow my Shantastic Shine Page, as well as Selomon, and Project Bring Me 2 Life’s pages , AND for interaction the best place to find amazing community support crew and to just show off your transformation is in the PROJECT BRING ME 2 LIFE CHALLENGE facebook group where I strongly encourage you to join in on discussion, and share your journey. We want to connect with all of you.

(While you’re joining all these amazing things on facebook, I also suggest you join my personal group Shantastic Shine’s Shine Tribe on facebook where you will receive and may also share other daily inspirational quotes, content, and more.)

I am SO excited to have you on board! I hope that this project will indeed Bring You 2 Life and inspire you to be the best you that you can be!