8 Week Chakra Course
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What Are ChakraS?

Chakras are light portals that control our bodies. They are spinning vortexes created by the presence of consciousness within the physical body.

They then exists within what we call the subtle body or aura, a typically hidden or harder to see energy field that carries your urges, emotions, habits, and the imprints of all that has happened to you.  
These are the energy chambers of the temple that is your body. They help you organize various elements of your life and also act as a map for life journey.

You may also visualize them as the rooms of your inner home, which take energy from the outside, process it internally, and express it back out again depending on your surroundings or decisions. 

It’s exteremely important to learn more about your chakra system and how you can work with it to balance your personal energy and quality of life!

CHECK OUT MY 8 Week Chakra Course!

This course is a container for spiritual and personal growth hosted by Holistic Energy Practitioner Shannon Shine.

We will meet via Zoom video call once a week for 8 weeks.
Tentative meeting time: Mondays at 7pm EST.
I will be hosting an IN PERSON class at 49 N Liberty St, Cumberland MD on Thursday Evenings at 5:30.
The class starts on April 4th.
(The last week will be on a Monday due to an overlap in schedule. Contact for more details.)

Each week will feature on a different chakra with the 8th week as an over view and discussion on the Aura body.

Sessions will be recorded for later viewing if you are unable to attend every live session.

This class is done via live video, but you may tune in via audio only if you wish. I encourage live viewing so that you can ask questions if you would like.

What you will learn about in this course:

Chakra img.png

I actually did a FREE intro to chakras workshops for Shine Online airing at 3pm EST March 3rd! In this video I discuss the basic connection of chakras and why is it important to balance them. Check it out!

  • A deeper look into the 7 major chakra systems and their connection to you, your body, and your daily life.

  • How to balance or energize your chakra centers.

  • A understanding of the 7 layer Aura body, and tips on how to see auras.

  • Essential Oils and how they connect with the chakras

  • Crystals and Basic Color therapy for the chakras

  • Mindful Movements or Mudras

  • A FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of my latest Chakra CD release.
    ( A super awesome collaboration featuring Meditation Guide Selomon.)

  • And More.

Are You Ready to dive in?

I have an asking price below for this class. The fee covers my time and personal investment into classes where I have spent countless hours getting certified and studying to bring you this amazing information.

I will also be giving everyone hand outs, Meditation downloads, a workbook, and more that the fee helps me cover and create.

However, if you are truely interested in committing and taking this journey with me and can’t cover the cost at this time, contact me.

I have a few options for you!

However, if you are ready, and spirit is guiding you to take the plunge Please feel free to purchase your seat below and let me know if you would like to join me online or in person!

8 Week Chakra Course
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**** If you are seriously interested in the Chakra course and unable to fund it at this time please contact me for more info.****
I'm down for trades or cross promotional energy exchange.
I just want to make it more accessible for people who are truly interested and able to show up!
my contact e-mail is:

Or purchase the Chakra Meditation Series instead Below:


This CD features 8 guided meditation tracks co-created by Selomon and Shannon Shine.

This cd is full of educational content as well as all original music and relaxing guided meditations to help you active and balance each of your 7 main chakra centers and an 8th track for the full chakra body.

Physical copies also available.

Digital downloads will come in a .ZIP file. Unzip for your files and add to your favorite music player or device. :)

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