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Shine On With Shannon is my solo podcast this is my own little space I plan on discussing various topics to help you Light Up Your Life.

My podcast mission is to be a light for other’s while also helping them ignite their passions, and find a deeper connection with the divine spirit and yourself. This podcast (like all of my podcasts) is hosted on Bring Me 2 Life Network, where you can find all kinds of high vibrational, conscious and spiritual content on various topics such as art, music, and holistic health.

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I’ve also been featured on…

Understanding Crystals & Crystal Healing with Shannon Shine

In this interview we are talking about crystal healing, how to cleanse your crystals, what happens when your crystal breaks and so much more.


A discussion with Veronica

In this podcast we discuss:
How can you connect to source in a different way?

What can we learn from Millennials?

What are crystals?

How can you use crystals in your life?

What would it take for you to love yourself & experience more joy?