What Is Project Bring Me 2 Life?

Bring Me 2 Life is a spiritual network established by
Selomon Closson in partnership with Shannon Shine.  


Mission Statement:

To help people wake up and shine on while promoting Global Equality, Unity, Peace and Love.

We are actively pursuing our mission with many outlets including our multimedia network, which includes live radio broadcasts, podcasts, and live streaming TV.

For many of us, spirituality is the quest to find essence, or true meaning, and to really just connect with a higher consciousness
— Shannon Shine

How did Shannon become a founder?

Project Bring Me 2 Life was started by Selomon in 2011 as a video series on YouTube. In 2014, Selomon met Shannon Shine and together, with the help of a few friends, including musician Ashton Robertson, they turned Project Bring Me 2 Life into a community of artists, musicians, writers, and teachers all with a similar mission, to create a better world. The transformation from just a video series to a global community began with the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast (formerly the PBM2L Podcast) starting in September of 2014.

Shannon Shine knew that in order for the podcast to be successful, it needed a website and she helped to create the first ever Project Bring Me 2 Life website. The podcast continued to grow and Shannon and Selomon wanted to make Project Bring Me 2 Life into something more, but they didn't know what. 

In the summer of 2015, Shannon, Selomon, and Ashton created The Crystal Chalice Awards to celebrate people doing positive things in the world. In fall of 2016, the Bring Me 2 Life Network was created with live radio broadcasts and a podcast. PBM2L has grown and shifted much through the years but this year, we hope to become a Non-Profit so we can continue to help bring others to life! 

Learn more about how we got started and check out the PBM2L Website and offerings by clicking HERE!