5 Week Power Course


5 Week Power Course


This one-on-one program is FIVE weeks of high energy breakthrough sessions with me as your guide to help lead you in the right direction to following your dreams.  My Power sessions are a great way to see if we are a good fit for working together in a deeper way, as we explore your goals and dreams and discuss how to bring them into your reality.

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Through our work together, you will be inspired to release your fears, limiting beliefs, and with my  discovery process, you will tune in to who you truly are- at the soul level and feel more empowered and motivated to take radical and inspired action towards your goals and desires.
We can focus on topics of your interest including but not limited to : crystals, angels, spirit connection, card reading, energy healing, personal advancement, mindful movements, meditation, art meditation, sound meditation, and beyond!

This Investment includes FIVE 90 minute one-on-one sessions either in person, via video, phone call, or live chat.

  • These sessions can be recorded for you to re-visit.

  • Each session feature lessons on topics of interest to YOU -or-

  • An optional Quantum healing or Reiki session * as one of your 5 sessions

  • Easy Contact to me via text or voice message for the duration of the class

  • Me as your guide to help you access your personal spiritual toolkit

  • This 5 week course can also be broken into a payment plan of 2 payments of $275

    The Person I Am Here To Serve

    • Is looking for deep soul healing, not just a quick fix and is willing to do the necessary work

    • Is interested in connecting with their spirituality on a deeper level

    • Is possibly interested in energy healing, reiki, crystals, and beyond but not sure where to begin

    • Is possibly dealing with trauma and looking for healthy alternative to heal

    • Is ready to invest in their self and fully commit to expansion

    • Has struggled with feeling unworthy or like he/she isn’t “enough”

    • Craves feeling connected and in alignment with the body’s natural cycles and needs

    • Is ready to feel comfortable, confident and sexy in their own skin

    • Is a BELIEVER and ready to take necessary action to manifest their destiny

    • Is someone that is determined to succeed

    • Is ready to release trauma that is causing blocks and anxiety

    • Is looking for clarity about their soul’s purpose

    • Is ready to strengthen their intuition and unlock spiritual gifts

    • Is ready to access the full potential of their gifts and build their spiritual tool kit

    • Wants to radically love themselves and give themselves the attention deserved all along

    • Is ready to not be held back by judgement or fear

    • Knows they deserves more

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life with ME as your Guide? 
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