Crystal Certification 1 Training Course - Full Training with Kit

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Crystal Certification 1 Training Course - Full Training with Kit



by Shannon Shine of Phoenix Landing Wellness

This is an intensive certification course that can be broken up in daily or weekly classes if needed. The course is taught by Certified Crystal Therapist Shannon Shine. You will receive a set of crystals at the beginning of the course that will be attuned to you and your healing style.

What Will You Learn?

Learn about crystals, specific uses, grids, and more! This is our intro to the Crystal Healing Certification. We will soon offer another 12 hour Advanced Crystal Healing course that will be released in the future. The intro class is required before attending the Advanced course. We will dive into as much about crystal healing as the 8 hour time frame will allow. You may schedule additional classes and trainings if you so choose.

Training Includes:

Intro to course.

Overview of information.

Group/ Case Study

Cleansing, charging, cleaning, protecting and basic crystal care.

We will learn about each crystal in our healing sets and discuss several grids and healing techniques.

Please feel free to bring any questions you have on crystals and we will look into covering this during your practice. If taking with a friend or group, we will break into pairs and work with a partner to practice specific grids and layouts that we will be able to do with our individual healing sets. If done one on one you will have a chance to practice laying the stone on Shannon or bring a friend or family member to practice on during this time.

Once you have covered all of the material, Shannon will then schedule a private Crystal Attunement with each student to activate the crystalline body and connection within you as the healer. You should then be prepared to offer crystal healing to others.

Note: To teach or certify others in crystal healing, you will need to receive our Advanced Crystal Healing Certification.

*There are no requirements to participate in this course, but knowledge in Reiki is helpful. Reiki will be discussed on the first day.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

This course is available in private sessions in person or online.

There are sometimes scheduled group classes available at MountainShine Creative.

Includes Large Crystal and Cleanse Starter kit, class workbook, and a private reiki crystal attunement session.

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