Crystal Therapy in person Session

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Crystal Therapy in person Session

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Crystal Energy Therapy

* In person sessions to be held in Cumberland, MD or surrounding areas up to 30 minutes.* Further travels may require a traveling fee, though I am open to opportunities.*

-Using Nature to Transform Your Energy- 

Do you ever feel like there are times you just need a little boost? Need some positivity in your life, or maybe you have an energy block that just simply needs removed? 

    Maybe you have an important event coming up and you would like to have some extra love sent your way. Or even if a pet is in need of some positive energy.

 Crystal Energy Therapy may be just what you need.

30 -60 Minutes of Energy Therapy

These short sessions are perfect for someone looking more into the realm of metaphysical and energetic healing.  These sessions help gear up your energy in a more positive direction. Reiki is done fully clothed and generally in the most comfortable position.

Short sessions include an extra 10 minute consultation to help direct treatment. Through hand positions held just above the body, in places the practitioner is drawn, this is to help conduct energy through the recipients energy field  using a series of crystals for treatment and is able to go where needed once conducted through the conduit.

With These sessions you have the option for me to  use my own personal healing crystals -OR- Purchase the crystal package where you then get to KEEP the crystals that I will activate for you and give to you for you to meditate with. 

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