Intuitive-Psychic 30 Minute In Person Session


Intuitive-Psychic 30 Minute In Person Session


These short sessions are perfect for someone looking more into the realm of metaphysical and energetic connection. 

Short sessions usually focus on a specific topic and include an extra 10 minute consultation to help direct the connection and introduce ourselves.  

This one-on-one program is a high energy breakthrough session with me as your guide to help lead you in the right direction to following your dreams. We will connect with spirit and reveal things that may be blocking you in your full power. We will also call in loved ones that have past over and are here with a message for you.

Includes 1 week of follow up Q & A via E-mail

* In person sessions to be held in Cumberland, MD or surrounding areas up to 30 minutes.* Further travels may require a traveling fee, though I am open to opportunities.*

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Intuitive - Psychic - Medium Sessions

-Connect With Spirit Deeper- 

   When I was younger I was so highly sensitive. I could feel the emotions of others. I knew things about others before meeting them. I was the person people came to for advice. I liked my solitude after being in crowds all day at school. That scared me when my visions would come true, at first.

I was and am a Psychic & an Empath.
and Now I use It To Help People.

     I have communicated with and have been guided by spirit and multi-dimensional energies since I was a little girl. I have helped guide many friends and family members in connecting them with the spirit realms as well as through many other life difficulties.


   I would like to help those searching for a guide or connection with the other side. I have many years of experience in being a medium for the other side. My mother and father both passed away before I was 10 and have since provided me with guidance as well as many other spiritual energies. 


    I can read your situation with guidance and channeling from other dimensions as well as tap into my intuition to give you a perspective from your guides as well as my own team of amazing spirit healers to help you shine through. 

   I have been working on toning my Intuitive skills and Medium (Psychic) work. I have also been getting strong "Spirit Feels" when out in public from people around me. Their personal spirits are trying to communicate. Though some may find it "strange" I find it fascinating and am welcoming it into my world as I asked for a stronger spirit connection at a young age, and as we know if we want something bad enough the YOUniverse will deliver.


* Note this guidance is not legal advice or to be taken as guidance to interfere with others lives. But to simply provide you with a clear message from the divine and your spirit guides.

What Is the difference between Psychic, Medium, and Intuitive?

These days the words psychic, medium, and intuitive are often used interchangeably, but they have very specific and distinct meanings.   

Psychic is someone that is able to receive and interpret information received mind to mind. A psychic is perceptive to the energies of the Auric field or mind of an individual, and is able to relay information which is stored there, in the form of energy.

Medium is someone who is able to receive information from a client's auric field or mind as well as, relay information received from Spirit or Loved Ones that have crossed over.  A Medium is acting as the medium or instrument of Spirit to express messages and information to the sitter. Mediumship involves three parts - the sitter, the medium, and spirit. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

Intuition is technically communication that occurs between Spirit or Loved Ones that have crossed over and the individual receiving the information for their own use, growth, and purpose.  Intuition has two parts - the Intuitive/Individual and Spirit.  

So why do many use these descriptions interchangeably? Primarily, it is generally for ease of communication. Many of the public are unaware of these definitions and therefore search intuitive reading, when they are looking for a psychic medium reading, etc.  Some psychic mediums will follow public definition for ease of use and for keywords, etc.

Luckily I am skilled in both connecting personally, and spiritually for myself and others. When scheduling a session please include in your intake what type of message you are searching for.



What does A session consist of?

In a session with me you will receive a one- hour Reading that connects you with spirit in a deeper way with my help channeling messages/ giving confirmation to messages you've already been receiving and are unsure of.

With a reading purchase, in person or distance,  you will receive a complimentary week of email follow up questions that I will also respond to answering questions to the best of my ability.

What might I experience?

Well, let’s start with what won’t happen.
This is NOT 1-800-FortuneTeller. I don’t tell you the lottery numbers, predict everything about your future, give you the names of your future lovers, or anything like that. No one can, especially in one session. Not everything that comes forward in a reading is set in stone. Your choices alter your future at every moment. What comes forward is exactly what you need to know in that moment in any area you ask about. Remember that the future is ever changing with your personal energy attracting your experiences to you. You have extraordinary influence upon your future due to free will! This is why there are many twists and turns. What I see may be out there for you but the road getting there will depend on the actions you take.

So how can Readings help you?
As I said before, you have extraordinary influence upon your future trajectory. Most of us, however, have blind spots and spots we choose not to see. These can cause us to get stuck, go backwards, and invite unwelcomed experiences into our life.

This is where I can help. My gifts allow me to uncover and reveal to you things you might not otherwise see and get clarity, understanding, and direction to help you move forward.


Can You Guarantee a Message from My.....?

Unfortunately I can not guarantee a specific message or connection with someone who has passed over. My connections are not on cue and are natural. You may sometimes get a message from a spirit guide, maybe an ancestor, an archangel, or your beloved grandmother or father who just passed. Each experience is unique and can not be predicted. 

HOWEVER, If you would like to connect and discuss a situation with a past loved one and try to connect with them specifically, I can hold space for a message to channel through to the best of my abilities.


How Does Distance Sessions Work?
A connection that is made when the recipient is not physically present is known as distant cord and this works in a similar way to being in the presence of the healer. Distance sessions allows the recipient to benefit from the experience even if they are unable to be present due to distance or obligations. Great for you if you are far away or in need immediately as I can often schedule these sessions quicker. 

When performing distance sessions, we will still schedule a time that is good for you to relax in your space of choice so that we can connect energetically for the energy transformation to properly take place, however these sessions can be conducted while the client is doing their daily routines and can be e-mailed also.