Anxiety and Depression Cage Necklace kit.


Anxiety and Depression Cage Necklace kit.


This bundle include a crystal cage pendant with 4 stones for helping with depression and anxiety.

Obsidian - Also good for protection and blocking negativity
Amethyst - Also good for better sleep and breaking addictions or bad habits
Rose Quartz- Also good for calling in more love and balance
and Lapis Lazuli - Also good for enhancing communication and intuition.

These stones can be interchangable and worn using this cage pendant.
Also comes with crystal descriptions and a burlap charing and carrying bag.

If you would like a custom cage set please feel free to contact with what you would like to bring into you or a friends life. —>

Stones may vary in size, shape, or color from photo shown. These are natural items and I have a variety in my collection. 

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