Pre-Order- Chakra Workbook - Printers Edition


Pre-Order- Chakra Workbook - Printers Edition



I am working on gathering funds to purchase 500 copies of the Printers Edition of my book from a publishing company. These are in process and I do not have a set shipping date yet. However, if you would like to wait and invest in a nice printers edition of my book I am accepting pre-orders and will ship them out asap!

Note the printer’s editions will NOT be spiral bound once I get them printed by the company. Photo is of the first edition versions.

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These are the very first editions of my workbook. I have designed and created them 100% myself.

This book is laid out so that you can learn about a short history of the chakras, and then dive into tools to help stay balanced with each one. Including a “homework” page that has journal prompts, meditation practices, and more for you to do on your own.

***This book was actually made to go along with my 8 Week Chakra Course and Chakra Toolkit.

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