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Shine Time Studios!

  Shine Time Studios is based in Cumberland, Maryland and focuses on shining the light on news, business’, and events. Typically booking events in the Appalachia of Western Maryland and extending outward. Though we are open to NATIONWIDE ( and even international) booking. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We strive to make your business thrive!


         Shine Time Studios is here to shine the light on those looking to grow or better their community brand, personal image, or capture a family event or gathering.

Shine Time Studios is co-created by a dedicated and dependable duo of Selomon and Shannon Shine, taking pride in their friendly approach and relationships with clients as and the community while reaching out in a way that also touches the viewers into checking out the event, business, or project being promoted.

         The Shine Time team is actively working to grow a client base looking for professional photography or videography and able to help market local business’, events, news, and other projects via social media such as facebook, twitter, youtube, and beyond.

We have co-created various music videos, promotional videos, logos, websites, and other branding or promotional content.

We edit video with Adobe programs, and create professional quality videos. We can record the video ourselves with our reliable equiptment or you may submit quality video to us for editing purposes.

We also provide graphics and logo creations for ads, business cards , brochures , websites, and more.

Website Development

Website Development

Shannon Shine has 10+ years in website development with a variety of hosting options.

Shannon prefers creating website via Wix, or Squarespace. If you are someone looking to get your website launched in a timely fashion and are looking for something to help share your brand, project, or services with the world this is a great option for you!

Our web development is not only affordable but also set up so that YOU can easily edit it if you wish to do so.


Videos and Editing!

We specialize in creating music videos or editing videos for events and promotional purposes. We have a variety of recording equipment and can also edit quality video that you may submit to us.

*If you are a youtube content creator looking for a video editor please feel free to contact us with what type a video you are looking to have edited.

Above is a Music Video for
Spaceship Earth called Organic Timeline this video was produced by Shine Time Studios!

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We are available for various types of photography. We use a variety of equipment to ensure quality photos.

We enjoy capturing memories so that they can last forever.

Now booking for Spring and Summer 2019: Senior photos, personal branding photos, headshots, events, fundraisers, family gatherings, business photography, and more!

Click HERE to see some photography by us!

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