“Shannon has always shown an exuberance for all things she has been involved in. Whether her role was a workshop coordinator or simply a friend, she has always been sure to seek excellence in facing the challenges before her. Her intuitiveness and ability to see the underlying issues and address them is nothing short of remarkable. She is truly a shining light for those around her.” 

-Taco Olmstead - Co-Founder Of The Jamwich


" Shannon has been such a wonderful and helpful soul since well before we ever met in person. She is fully committed to bringing out the best in the people around her and lifting them up in order to bringing more light into the world. She is a spiritual activator, a healing presence, and an incredibly dedicated and hardworking human being. I feel blessed and honored to know her and to have been personally impacted by her work. She has played a huge role in my personal development, well beyond what she knows and I would highly recommend anyone to work with her in whatever capacity is called for. "

-Jeffrey Grant - Founder Of Restorative Resonance


" Love her or hate her, she's a high vibe human to the core of her being. 1111% magical person with a heart of gold. "

-Nick Bryce - Founder Of Third Eye Horizon


"Shannon is a pleasure to work with in any capacity, she always puts a creative and personal touch on any task. The thought that she puts into every detail of her work truly "shines." You can tell that not only does she want to be thorough and professional, she wants to add a little magic to make the experience unforgettable." 

-Elise Olmstead - Co-Founder Of The Jamwich


" Shannon is all inspiring. I've had the honor of working with her several times and its always been a blast. One of the most kindest and helpful people you can meet. She took me in as a intern and has taught and inspired me in so many ways .Her hustle is something I look up too very much. As she’s always working hard on new creative projects to inspire and help others.  Also, I have received card readings from Shannon as well and she always creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. "

-Alec Edwards - Artist and Owner of AE Designs


" I have had the pleasure of knowing Shannon for a few years. What a great soul! Many times she has given me crystals to help balance me, shield me from all the crazy in the world and help promote good vibes. She was even kind enough to come cleanse my shop, teach me how to do a sage cleansing and set out charged crystals for me to help put some good vibes into our space. I learned during this process about the history of our building, thanks to her amazing gift.

I also took a friend of mine to one of her paint and sip classes and had a blast! The way she interacted and instructed the class made all of us feel like our art was worthy of a gallery. Her positive reinforcement and great personality made me,  a beginner feel right at home. 

I only wish I were a better writer to be able to put in words how awesome she Is! She is constantly striving to be grow, support positive change and just all around spread Good vibes wherever she goes. A multitalented woman that can conquer the world whole always lending a hand to others. "
-Sarah Carmen - Owner of Good Karma Catering


"Shannon Shine is a visionary! She is easily one of the most creative people I have ever met. She is super easy to work with and always does great work. She is super well rounded and can probably help you out with anything you need and more. Highly Recommended."
Ashton Robertson - Spaceship Earth Music


"I have had the absolute pleasure of getting many readings from Shannon and every single time she says exactly what I need to hear without me having to say anything to her. She's extremely gifted and has a pure heart. The thing I enjoy most is that she's not afraid to say what's needed to be said, but she does it in a way that's easy to hear. Instead of fear, she instils hope and courage with every reading I've ever had. "

-Selomon - Meditation Therapist and Co-Founder of Project Bring Me 2 Life


"Shannon performed a past life recall session for me, and it was personal, genuine and profound. She told me about 3 seperate past lives, parts of myself i communicate with and continue to work with to this day. Shannon's ability to channel and use her clairvoyant gifts can convey messages and sometimes images even. If your guided to her services try her out; you will be supremely pleased"
-J. Keast - Reiki and Crystal Therapy Master


"Working with Shannon is extremely rewarding. Having a business relationship with Shannon Shine means that you know that your product is being given the same attention that you would give it when presenting it to a potential customer. She takes the time to get to know her customers and have them feel welcome. Having a reading and reiki from Shannon Shine is a very introspective and healing process. Shannon is intuitive and empathic."
-Hayden Ort-Ulm - Founder of Basecamp Coffee Co.


I want to say THANK YOU ALL, as I am SO grateful for EVERY kind word that has ever been said of me to anyone. 

I continue to do what I do, because of each and every one of you! 

If you would like to send me a testimonial please do so! I would love to hear about your experience and to share it with others

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