Week FIVE: The Heart Chakra

We’re BACK and it’s time to discuss the HEART CHAKRA.

The heart chakra is also the AIR chakra and it deals with our connection to love, our connection to others, our connection to ourselves, and GRIEF.

That being said lets’ talk about GRATITUDE and GRIEF for a moment. These are what govern your HEART CHAKRA found right in your chest area. 

Most people think heart and automatically go to love, and who you love and yep that is a big part of it, but it is DEEPER than that.


The heart chakra is about how you show gratitude for the people and things that you love, and how you process GRIEF and the loss of those people and things you love.

The heart chakra can be either really open or really closed all at once. Some of us have ALL the love to give but are not able to fully and functionally accept love due to trauma, loss, and expectations.

The heart space is the most sensitive and yet important chakra to find balance with. This is because it has the power to unbalanced all the upper and or lower chakras.

You see the lower chakras are very intertwined here in the physical, and the upper chakras are very intertwined in our spiritual connection to the universe. The heart space is where we download and process and find that deeper connection between the two .


It is here that we feel connected to both the physical and spiritual sides of ourselves. The Heart Chakra is the key or doorway to our spiritual connection as well as what can really help us ground or shake up our physical existence.

LOVE truly is the answer to so many of our pains and issues. Not enough love, to much love, or not being able to fully accept or express love.

But Love, is also a victim of GRIEF.

Grief is what we hold inside when we loose someone or something that is very important to us.

There a quote by Jamie Anderson I love to share here and it goes a little something like this:

“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go”

That quote hits me SO hard right in the heart chakra. Because I know from experience that this is SO TRUE.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 9.30.07 PM.png

I have been someone who has suffered from grief since before I could even understand what grief was. A little background on me, I lost both my parents, and many of my grandparents, before I was 10 and have since lost basically ever caregiver and adopted guardian that helped raise me. Loosing over 8 people in 8 years was A LOT of GRIEF, and in my earlier videos I discussed how I had to work through shame and guilt for how I processed that grief in my early teenage years. It wasn’t pretty. I didn’t have outlets that I do now. Though I have always used art, and music to help me cope, I didn’t have friends that understood, and it felt like my family was struggling to much themselves to hold a solid conversation on how I was feeling.

So the grief process was for ME to figure out. Honestly, I think it is for all of us to figure out. We all process things SO differently.

Have YOU lost someone or something that totally changed who you were as a person? Maybe you lost a home, or a job, or even a friend or pet that you regret not treating better when they were a part of your life?

Someone doesn’t have to die to grieve their absence. I once had a best friend disappear on me for several years. I never knew what I did wrong, or why she disappeared from our daily conversations and magic we created together. All I knew was that I hurt, and I couldn’t figure out how to fill that void in my heart.

So I would write. I would write to her even if she wouldn’t read it. I would write to my mom and bury the letters in her resting place.

I would sing in nature to my dad his favorite country songs even though I hated them. I would paint with the color yellow and think of my grandfather. I would literally find any way that I could to process that grief and feel that love and connection to those people, places , and things that I felt I had lost.

You know what else processes grief? You may not like it… but TEARS.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 9.28.58 PM.png

Crying, allowing yourself to feel that love SO deeply that you cry tears of joy, loss, and just connection. The power of that physical release is something that I can’t really put into words right now. You have to experience it.

You may be thinking, I don’t want to cry, I’m not someone who does cry, Why would I want to make myself feel like crying that’s crazy.

BUT ITS NOT! I admit I was someone for YEARS who was the strong one, the one who never cracked, crying was for weaklings, I WAS WRONG! Okay, I was being weak. I was NOT allowing myself to face the true feelings of loss and LOVE.

Crying is a process of all emotions, love, fear, pain, confusion. It’s how we PROCESS what we are feeling. Allow yourself to cry. I don’t care how strong you think you are, if you are a man, I right here right now give you permission from the universe to have feelings again. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FEEL AND SHOW IT.

Don’t put yourself on some sort of emotional lockdown. That doesn’t serve anyone. Don’t teach the next generation to not show their feelings, instead embrace who you are and find someone to share how you feel with. Even if it’s a journal. That is what this is all about.

I want to know about the things you love, the things you are looking forwar to and the things and people you have lost.

HOW DO YOU FEEL!?! Right Here Right now. Drop it in the chat box or comments somewhere and check in.

Dive into the videos below to learn more about how this chakra plays a part in our lives and ways we can work with it or call upon spirit for guidance.


Intro To The Heart Chakra

In this video I will discuss the connection to love, grief, and self connection to the world through the HEART CHAKRA.

Through this week we will discuss GRIEF and the power of love.


This chakra is the PORTAL to our upper and lower connections. It is HERE that we open ourselves up to deeper connection physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Tools To Use

BE GRATEFUL, get your meditation in this week FOR SURE, and give yourself time to really REFLECT on who you are, and what you are grieving and how you can process this into joy, love, or creation rather than heartache.



Give yourself time to feel and cry this week (and forevermore when you feel the need to release.) Alone time is good once and a while. It’s okay to let the kids play or to set some alone time for today. You deserve it. You are here to show up for YOU

Remember if you need someone to talk to that’s what I am doing this for. For us to help each other, and to hold space for you.


Homework and your JOURNALING.

Time to get to the real work and dive into that heart space even deeper.

I want you to remember that you should always REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, and love yourself enough to be the best version of you that you can be.

Meditation With Selomon

This meditation is great for improving the quality of your relationships with family and friends. It also helps you to realize all the things others do for you. Practice this meditation to send more gratitude to those people.

I thought you all would also benefit from on top of the Heart Chakra Meditation from the ToolKit Download.

Feel free to use either or a combination of both through your practice this week.



This video is actually a THROWBACK to my 5 steps to transformation series. This includes the song I mentioned and the writing meditation on GRATITUDE. I hope you get a chance to do this and ENJOY!


Yoga with Nick

My good friend Nick has agreed to help lead us through some yoga practices for my course and I am extremely excited to share his energy with all of you. In this video he will inspire us to do more mindful movements and Sacral poses.
Coach Nick’s Words of wisdom:

This video is all about Balancing & Activating the Heart chakra in our bodies. This flow is suitable for all skill levels, and movements should be worked through a pain free range, taking breaks as needed. Here is more of a demonstration, where we can learn more about the poses and sink just a bit more deeply. Tip of the day: Slow and steady wins this race.


YAY! You did it! You completed Week 5.

Can you believe we are HALFWAY THROUGH the chakras?!?!

How are you feeling? Are you realizing how amazing life really can be? I sure hope so!

Remember to smile till your cheeks hurt and your heart is full of JOY!

We will be meeting again this Wednesday at 7pm est. via Zoom. Stay tuned for the link.

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