Time to translate the messages of your soul.


Intro To The Third Eye Chakra

In this portal we begin to really dive into connecting with the inner "voice" or connection we have to our 6th sense, guides, and more!

It is in the third eye that we can connect deeply with the world around us and that created us.

This week I want you to dive into your connection and discuss or focus on how YOU learn and receive messages both in the physical and the metaphysical.

The 6th Sense Soul Connection

In this video we dive into the connection of the third eye chakra and our daily lives.

This chakra takes us to a different level. We're not just feeling it physically or emotionally. We are feeling it on a SOUL level.

Things may start happening to you that you just can't easily explain. Especially when you are willing to accept the messages and synchronicities in your life. It is here when we open this portal that we begin to truly feel the magic and connection to our deeper purpose.

It is however also physically connected to our pineal gland and the etheric body organ known as the third eye.


Tools To Use

In this video I share some of the ways to connect with deeper messages.

This is a topic I talk about A LOT on many of my videos, podcasts, and beyond. However, I channeled the message freely for what I was suppose to share in this specific video.

Something I forgot to mention that I hope to touch on more deeply in the future is using my ORACLE CARDS to help me with messages when I am having to hard of a time to see through the fog or understand the messages. * I will talk on that again soon stay tuned on my pages*

For now let's focus on some other ways without physical tools and more our mental and personal tools that can help us access the messages and guidances to channel through our personal antenna.

What is your WHY for wanting to connect deeper? How do you learn on a physical level? How can you use your knowledge of that to work with your intuition deeper?



Now is your time to really explore that inner eye. Your spiritual guidance comes from all kinds of connections.

It could be from your higher self, your guides, your spiritual animals, ancestors, or who knows?

It is important to monitor what you intake. Remember that heavier foods will keep you on the lower vibrations and helps with the lower chakras. Lighter foods and clear fluids ( water and tea ) help you connect deeper to the upper chakras.

Also MEDITATION IS KEY for the Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

Now is your time to really TRY to start and keep a meditation practice. I am providing a variety of meditation options below for you to explore what works for you.

You have to set some time aside for YOU to have a spiritual experience and get those downloads from the energy around you.

**IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO BE KEEPING YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNAL and DATE IT to monitor your spiritual journey. Any philosopher or genius that humanity honors is someone who was able to document and monitor their journeys and revelations. Give yourself the magical option of looking back and seeing how far you come. SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTING OUT THOSE JOURNALS and working it all out and tracking your growth.

Some journal topics or mediations topics to think on:

Are you having a hard time connecting?:

  • Do you suffer from headache or migraines?

    • Do they happen at certain times and is there a pattern?
      * I suggest keeping a journal if you have frequent episodes. I had to do this and found many correlations to lack of meditation, unusual sleep, season change, ect.)

  • Is there something you don’t want to see that is going on in your life?

  • Are there buried memories from your past that might be trying to surface that keeps you from connecting to spirit on a deeper level?

  • Are you having trouble sleeping?

    Want to get more messages? Are you keeping track of everything?

  • Can you remember your dreams? What are they about? 

  • Do you overwork your third eye trying to see everything at once causing yourself stress and anxiety?

  • What is your guiding vision for life? What do you think your mission or purpose is at this time? If you don’t know have you mediated on it or care to know at this time?

  • Are you able to understand and receive visions or messages from the universe?

    • If so how do you do so?

  • Are you able to trust in the universe? Do you have faith or do you feel blocked and disconnected?

This week we don’t have a yoga practice but instead I offer a variety of techniques and resources to help you start expanding your toolkit.

Throwback to my Connecting with Spirit webinar

Spirit guides are with us as we live human lives on Earth. They assist with many things including making important decisions, meeting the right people and finding the right tools. When we get stuck in the mud, they help to pull us out.

Meditations With Selomon

*Another way many people connect to their spiritual messages is through dreams and astral travel. We will talk about this a bit more deeply next week but if you would like to get a head start here is a meditation to help you by Selomon.

This is a guided meditation to assist you in astral projection. The first hour is guided, the second hour is purely music to allow you space for the projection, with a very simple and gentle ending. I was asked by many people to make a longer astral projection workshop after my 16 minute one became quite a success. So here it is! A much longer astral projection meditation that you all can enjoy. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Inner Smile

Use the power of a smile to cleanse and heal your body. I created this meditation to promote inner health, healing, and to reduce illness. It's a gentle tool used by Taoist practitioners. Give your body the loving attention it deserves.


Creating Your Spiritual Safe Space

In this meditation I will lead you to find your spiritual safe space using your third eye.

Here in this safe space you can create a deeper connection. I suggest keeping a journal near by to write anything that comes up in after or during the process.

Give yourself permission to just flow with the thoughts and possible messages coming through. Try not to hold on to tightly to any specific outcomes and just allow yourself to connect like the antenna you are to your higher self.

meditation music by Selomon.

YAY! You did it! You completed Week 7.

I am excited for YOU to allow the messages to come through!
You’ve come SO FAR and are making HUGE shifts.
This is where the even deeper magic happens.
Allow yourself to be a divine portal.
You Deserve It.

We will be meeting again this Wednesday at 7pm est. via Zoom. Stay tuned for the link.