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Intro To The Heart Chakra

The Throat Chakra is our connection to TRUTH, SECRETS, & SELF EXPRESSION. As we navigate the throat chakra we begin to really express our personal boundaries & understanding how to honor who you are & how you want to show up in the world.


When our throat chakra is blocked it can also effect our sense of SOUND and how we hear and communicate with people in general.

But it can also cause a lot of physical pain to our systems as well.


Tools To Use

Use your VOICE.

It's important to be honest with yourself and the world around you.

You need to speak your TRUTH and allow yourself to show up in your full light.



Drink LOTS of water.


and explore your breathe.

  • This week it’s important to USE YOUR VOICE. Communicate with others around you and let people know about how you want to live your life and how you are choosing to show up.

    If you are still scared to activate your voice then dive DEEP into that journaling and express yourself in a different way and allow it to help inspire those deeper conversations that are needed.

    Some journal topics or mediations topics to think on:
    Where do you lack most in communication with others?

  • Who is the hardest person in your life to communicate with? Why?

    • Is there something about this person that is a mirror for you?

    • Or do you just have very opposite views and this person is toxic?

  • Do you find yourself telling white lies?

    • If so what was the last one and why? How did this effect your life later?

  • What kind of support did you receive from your family? Did you feel heard or ignored?

  • How are you portraying that energy to others now in your current relationships?

  • Do you feel a lack of connection with anyone or community in your life?

    • If so why? How can you better use the tools above to find ways to communicate?

  • Are there times in your life you feel you are not able to speak up or feel heard?

    • What is stopping you? 

  • Were you ever humiliated for saying something “stupid” or silly? How has this affected you

    • How can you heal and learn from the experience and even help others?

  • Were there lies in the family that you were told or that you had to uphold to be a part of the tribe? Like pretending everything was okay even if it wasn’t? Or that you had to uphold a certain lifestyle that really wasn’t who you are? How has this affected you and how you see life?

  • Were you forced to keep secrets of others? Do you have many secrets of your own?
    Did you have to lie to avoid punishment, humiliation, or protection of others?

Do you need someone to reach out to that can take the time to communicate with you about your feelings? Especially regarding important event like losses, sudden changes, or issues with your family?
* I am not a certified therapist but I would gladly set up a intuitive session for you to share your experiences and offer guidance. Please feel free to reach out. 

This week we don’t have a yoga practice but instead I offer a variety of techniques and resources to help you start expanding your toolkit.

Meditation With Selomon

This is a mantra meditation working with Ganesha for starting new chapters, removing obstacles, success, prosperity, knowledge, and illumination. These mantras are available to any person regardless of your belief system. Just be open to the power of the vibrations and you will be amazed.

We thought this may be a good way to introduce you to mantras and using your the throat chakra in a different way.
Thank you all and enjoy.


Chakra Mantra

This is NOT my video. But this is a track I have saved to use with the Chakra Mantras myself. If you would like to check it out I suggest using it for some chanting on your own time or using it for sleep hypnosis to help get you in tune with each center as you go into a deeper sleep.


This is a throwback to my transformation series. In this video I discuss the EGO eradicator and in this practice it is common to do something called the BREATHE OF FIRE. Which helps open your throat chakra on a deeper level.
This dives into kundalini yoga. If this is something you are interested in I suggest checking out the podcast.

If you are interested in more breath work techniques and more about kundalini yoga and beyond I dive into that on the Bring Me 2 Life podcast with a teacher named Veronica .

I actually dive into TONS of different topics along with Selomon as we interview SO MANY amazing people on the Bring Me 2 Life Podcast. I highly suggest you check it out on whatever topics you are interested in.

YAY! You did it! You completed Week 6.

I am excited for YOU to claim your VOICE and activate who you truly are.
I hope you take some time to talk to someone new this week or to communicate with someone special on a deeper level.

We will be meeting again this Wednesday at 7pm est. via Zoom. Stay tuned for the link.