Week Three: Sacral Chakra

Hello everyone welcome back!

I hope you are feeling more grounded and confident to dive into this section, because I am feeling the flow and ready to talk about the Sacral Chakra!

This chakra is located in your lower pelvic area. So here we are diving into something a little extra sacred as we know the parts that liye there are sacred to our existence.

The Sacral chakra is also the WATER chakra and it deals with our connection to our own confidence, self image, and sexuality.

The sacral chakra is also our connection to feelings of pride it is controlled by our GUILT.

Focusing on feeling confident in who we are, or in what we are doing to live the best creative balanced life helps us feel more empowered and charged in this energy center.

If we don’t have any confidence in ourselves or our decisions it’s important to find some creative ways to express why or how we can change this and find more power in our life and be able to connect and inspire others to be themselves as well.

Dive into the videos below to learn more about how this chakra plays a part in our lives and ways we can work with it or call upon spirit for guidance.


Intro To The Sacral Chakra

In this video I will discuss GUILT, Sexuality, confidence, & more. It is important to journal or at least meditate and reflect on who you are as a person and find ways to be confident in who that is and dive even deeper into what makes you YOU.


In this video I discuss the physical and mental connections this chakra has on our body. Various aches pains, and blockages that can be caused by the Sacral Chakra being over or under active.


Tools To Use

In this video I discuss a variety of ways you can work with your chakras. Including your crystals, oils, angels, animals, and more.

I will be posting more photos of crystals and other goodness in the Chakra Facebook Group. My editor wasn't working with me to place them into the videos.



Meditation With Selomon

This is a confidence meditation by Selomon that I thought you all would also benefit from on top of the Sacral Chakra Meditation from the ToolKit Download.

Feel free to use either or a combination of both through your practice this week.


Yoga with Nick

My good friend Nick has agreed to help lead us through some yoga practices for my course and I am extremely excited to share his energy with all of you. In this video he will inspire us to do more mindful movements and Sacral poses.
Coach Nick’s Words of wisdom:
This video is all about Balancing & Activating the Sacral chakra in our bodies. This flow is suitable for all skill levels, and movements should be worked through a pain free range, taking breaks as needed. Tip of the day: Breathe with your diaphragm!!!


A few final things I forgot to mention, and your JOURNALING.

A few final things I forgot to mention, and your JOURNALING. It's time to get your body moving, enjoy some water time, and GET CONFIDENT AND CREATIVE


YAY! You did it! You completed Week 3.

I hope you have some time to get creative or playful and face some of your deeper fears and release any guilt you have for being YOU even if it’s just on an emotional level this week.

Remember that we are in this together and please feel free to reach out to me or in the fb group for more support.

We will be meeting again this Wednesday at 7pm est. via Zoom. Stay tuned for the link.

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