Who is Shannon Shine?

Well, that's a good question because I'm about to shake up your world!

First and Foremost.... I am an artist, and a creator. I am a friend, sister, grandaughter, niece, leader, protector, caregiver, and a significant amount of other things and so much more.

My mission is to live a life that inspires others to transform themselves into the person they wish to be and to follow their dreams.

I currently own an art and general goods co-op in Cumberland, MD called MountainShine Creative, I Co-host a podcast and promotional company called Project Bring Me 2 Life, and am the co-founder of Phoenix Landing Wellness.

My Soul's Name is Shannon Shine.... and if you wish to keep reading, you will learn more and more about me...

I'm a Transformational Being.

I have decided to dedicate my life to helping others Wake Up and Shine On through various outlets including my ever growing network full of resources, amazing people, and opportunities. I will help you to take control of your current Transformational Situation and strengthen your connection with the YOUniverse and follow your dreams.


As an artist, artistic mentor, and shop owner, my journey has been spent helping others find ways to create their goods and sell them. Through the hardships of my own life, I have embraced many routines and connections with spirit so that I am available to help you in a spiritual way.


I am a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, though I have been working with my own form of energy therapy since I was a young child. By embracing the help of the great spirit and using energy around me, I am able to help aide you in the healing process of animals, friends, and loved ones.


I have been blessed to see auras and energy patterns at disgression since the age of 6 and have studied patterns to help you get positively charged, energized, and or relaxed. Check Out my Energy Therapy Opportunities to learn more!


I was a young child when I lost both of my parents to unexpected causes putting me in bouncing and unstable homes and situations for the first decade or more of my young life.

With the loss of both parents, and over 5 close guardians and spiritual guides in 4 years, I  strengthened my ability to connect with the spirit realm for guidance. I embrace the messages and use these abilities to express intuitive knowledge during sessions and group gatherings. I love to work with people trying to find their messages from the spirit realm.


These connections have helped guide me in my life to find the spiritual path that I am now on which has lead me here to YOU! I hope to brighten your light even more!

I am also a speaker for many large gatherings and advocate for hope, change, transformation, and spirit and enjoy speaking with those searching for some closure with a loved one as well as work with those trying to analyze symbolism or synchronicity in their lives to help them continue their paths from the divine. 

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