Transformation Series.

Here, I share with you the inspiration and transformation that kicked me into overdrive. I have wanted to do my video blog series and beyond for YEARS. This 5+ Video Series is FREE! Please use it and share with your friends. Leave me feedback and feel free to reach out with questions or success stories.

I will be teaching this as a workshop/course AND MORE at various events and locations through 2019 and would love to share it with your audience in person as well! Contact Me for booking.



Sound Healing Intro Only. <3

This short sound meditation was created as a introduction to my 5 part Transformation series. If you enjoyed this video please leave me a comment or share with a friend. There are more Sound Meditation Experiences on my Youtube channel that I hope you also check out along with my various series and inspirational videos!

Transformation Series : Video 1
What is your mission?

In this video I, Shannon Shine talk about why it's important to start our transformational journey. I want to be transformational, not just motivational, and I hope you take the time to join me and check out my personal tips to help you too transform into the person you wish to be.

Transformation Series: Video 2
What are you grateful for?

I am Grateful that YOU are here! In part TWO of our transformation series we are going to listen to some inspiring music by Srikala and take a moment to write down everything that you are GRATEFUL FOR.

Transformation Series: Video 3
What Are Your Goals?

You've made it halfway through my 5 part series because this is video #3! In this video we get out our transformation journals and discuss our hopes and dreams. It's easy to have dreams we don't think we can achieve but now it's time to manifest them into reality.

Transformation Series: Video 4
Macro to Micro Goals

This week we are breaking down those Macro Goals from last weeks video and breaking them down into Micro Goals! It’s all about making things doable. How can we take those bigger dreams and manifest them into reality?

Transformation Series: Video 5
Manifest, Release, and Breathe

This video is SUPER SPECIAL to me because it is VIDEO #5 of my TRANSFORMATION SERIES. Which means that all 5 of this specific series is now available to you!!! Now this video is a little longer than the rest so if you must watch it in parts go ahead but PLEASE watch the WHOLE video.

Deep Breathes Meditation Only. <3 Enjoy!

This meditation is very special to me. The Ego Eradicator was introduced to me by a spiritual guru I follow named Gabrielle Bernstein. She introduced me to the idea of what I like to call Up Beat Meditations through just watching her videos.