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Everyone deserves to have something fun and inspirational to look forward too. You deserve to invest in your future, and this is a great way to do so! Whether you are into card readings, handmade items, or want something to inspire and excite you to tune into your creative and spiritual growth each month these offerings will help you Light Up Your Life. <3


Personalized Monthly Card Reading Video RIGHT TO YOU!

Would you like to have me be your personal Intuitive Guide and Reader ?

Invest in a Monthly Personalized Reading from Shannon Shine and dive in each month via e-mail, video, or even a direct phone call to receive your one-on-one intuitive and oracle card reading experience channeled by Shannon.  She will tap into her connection with spirit to bring you a message to really move forward with things that have been blocking you on your mission to follow your divine path.

Once payments are processed each month you will receive an e-mail or message with your reading within 48 hours of  confirmed payments with a divine message from the YOUniverse and have a video to reference as you experience your shift in a more aware state of mind and have the opportunity to respond with questions from the reading for up to 48 hours.

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MONTHLY Shine Bags!


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Your package will include 4-5  products, as well as a “Menu” describing each product, best practices, and new positive rituals, affirmations, or techniques to try. These packages feature a variety of items handpicked (and some handmade) by Shannon Shine!

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2. Shine Time

Your bag arrives each month after your official sign up date. (You’re monthly payment date will be whatever date you start purchase.) Then it's time to play with your new shiney stuff! We’ve charged, cleansed or handpicked all the products for you beforehand, so they’re curated to work perfectly together.

3. Take the #ShineBag Challenge

Tag Shantastic Shine’s social pages in photos of you using or wearing your products and post it to your social channels using our hashtag #ShineBag to be entered to win extra goodies for helping us shine our energy even further.

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Pick between two options. Scented or Unscented Surprises. 

I understand many people have allergies and may not be interested in tarts and incense and other scented items. So I want everyone to feel included. ( That's right guys I try to keep these packages unisex so that you can enjoy them too!)

Products include a variety of : 
Crystals, Jewelry, Sage, Incense, Tarts, Perfumes, Chapsticks, Soaps, Stickers, and other goodies from our participating vendors. 

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Different items to Light Up Your Life every month!

Different items to Light Up Your Life every month!

Monthly Reading and Shine Bag Combo Pack!

Do both of these shiney monthly offerings sound amazing
to you?

Do you want the most of your
Shine Time Experience?
With our COMBO PACK not only do you both receive a personalized video reading to your e-mail every month AND a package of goodies right to your door, BUT when you subscribe for the combo pack you get your

FIRST SHINE BAG FOR FREE!! Then also free shipping on every shine bag that follows!

This is the monthly dose of Shine for you!